January 2023

The group welcomed a new member Carlos Henrique Vieira Melo

November 2022

The group welcomed a new member Büşra Buse Tütüncü.

June 2022

The group welcomed a new member, Eva Bednářová.

May 2022

Lucie Wohlrábová published article: "Chalcogen-based ratiometric reversible BODIPY redox sensors for the determination of enantioselective methionine sulfoxide reductase activity" (co-author).

Anna Poryvai published article: "Red‐Shifted Water‐Soluble BODIPY Photocages for Visualisation and Controllable Cellular Delivery of Signaling Lipids" (first author).

January 2022

Group photo

Group leader Tomáš Slanina received an ERC Starting grant for the project: Electron deposition in chemical bonds: Towards molecular solar electric batteries.

Tereza Černá joined the group.

December 2021

Lucie Luvdíková joined the group.

November 2021

Karolína Bangievská and Jakub Krištof joined the group.

Group leader Tomáš Slanina received a grant (GAČR-Junior star) for the project: Organic solar electric batteries using electron deposition in chemical bonds and a grant (GAČR - basic grant) for the project: Photochemical strategy "Catch and release": Towards new molecular switches and bioorthogonal reactions.

Anna Poryvai obtained the prize for the best oral speach at the conference (Liblice 2021).

September 2021

Ondřej Groborz and David Dunlop finished their Mgr degree at Charles University.

June 2021

Lucie Wohlrábová finished her Ing degree at UCT Prague.

Jakub Copko obtained IGRA grant for project: Focusing on triplet states: Photoredox chemistry of pteridines.

May 2021

Jakub Copko obtained Jitka Moravcova prize and the prize for the best poster in organic chemistry section (Interdisciplinary Meeting of Young Researchers and Students in the field of chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology and biomaterials.).

March 2021

David Dunlop obtained a grant (GAUK) for the project: Characterization and modulation of degrees of freedom of organometallic complexes. Quantum-mechanic studies, experimental characterization, and target synthesis of conformationally differentiated metallocene derivatives for physical and medicinal chemistry application.

January 2021

Group welcomed a new member, Professor Dalimil Dvořák. 

December 2020

Personal changes

Jiří Doležel leaves the group and continues with studies at University College London. Good luck!

Christmas party 2020

On 11th December a Christmas party took place. Christmas presents were given, "lab" quiz was played and also a group "band" played.

November 2020

Josef Hlávka Award

Tomáš Slanina won the 2020 Josef Hlávka Award as one of five young talented scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic under 33 years of age. Congrats!

Student scientific conference UCT 2020

Lucie Wohlrábová won the second place in the organic chemistry section III for her work: BODIPY based synthesis of photoremovable protecting groups. Congrats!

Interview in journal Věda a Výzkum